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Truck Mounts Unlimited

Custom installation of industrial truck body applications
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      Specializing in the custom installation of industrial
    truck body applications using the Stellar hooklift.

- Custom installations on new or used trucks -


– Hooklift Hoists – Hookloader - Packer Bodies -

- Dump Bodies – Lift Axles – Frame and Axle Alterations -

- Custom Hydraulic Systems – Steel Fabrication - Welding Repair -


   How can you make your business more efficient and effective?


Oil & Gas Industry


Building Products



Equipment Transport


Material Delivery



Waste Haulers


We've got part of your answer...



Featuring the Stellar hooklift



Make your operation cost effective:

Dump trucks, flat beds, packer bodies, spreader bodies,
refuse containers, spray tanks, automatic tarpers ...

… or let us build your custom application
… there is just no end to its many uses

Make your ONE truck universal – or cut your fleet in half!
The Stellar hooklifts have lifting capacities from 3,000 to 65,000 lbs.





                                                                       Truck Mounts Unlimited

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